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Large ALMA Programs

Large Programs are designed to address strategic scientific issues that will lead to a major advance or breakthrough in the field. The Large Program proposal teams produce high level data products and documentation which are made available to the scientific community within one year after the final delivery of calibrated data. Large Programs are distinguished from Regular Proposals in the following ways:

  • They are programs with an estimated execution time of greater than 50 hours on the 12-m Array (with or without accompanying ACA time) or 150 hours on the ACA in stand-alone mode.
  • They are designed to be coherent science projects that are not reproducible by a combination of Regular Proposals. 
  • Investigators must deliver high level data products and relevant documentation in a manner consistent with the management plan of their proposal.


The following table contains the full list of ALMA Large Programs, as well as links to the data products delivered by the teams. The Programs are listed first by Science Category, then by Cycle number:


Nickname PIDs Cycle Title (Abstracts) Primary Investigator - Institution Primary Article Team’s Site Data Deliveries

Cosmology and High Redshift Universe

ASPECS 2016.1.00324.L 4 ASPECS: The ALMA SPECtral line Survey in the UDF - An ALMA Large Program Fabian Walter / MPIA Heidelberg link  link link
ALPINE 2017.1.00428.L 5 ALPINE: The ALMA Large Program to INvestigate CII at Early Times Olivier Le Fèvre / Laboratoire D’Astrophysique de Marseille
2018.1.00035.L 6 ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey Kotaro Kohno / University of Tokyo
2019.1.01634.L 7 REBELS: An ALMA Large Program to Discover the Most Luminous [CII]+[OIII] Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization Rychard Bouwens / University of Leiden
CRISTAL 2021.1.00280.L 8 CRISTAL: a survey of gas, dust and stars on kiloparsec scales in star-forming galaxies at z~4-5 Rodrigo I Herrera-Camus / Universidad de Concepción link

Galaxies and Galactic Nuclei

PHANGS 2017.1.00886.L 5 PHANGS-ALMA: 100,000 Molecular Clouds Across the Main Sequence: GMCs as the Drivers of Galaxy Evolution Eva Schinnerer / MPIA Heidelberg link link link
ALCHEMI 2017.1.00161.L 5 ALCHEMi: the ALMA Comprehensive High-resolution Extragalactic Molecular Inventory Sergio Martin / IRAM
VERTICO 2019.1.00763.L 7 VERTICO: The Virgo Environment Traced in CO Toby Brown / McMaster
2021.1.00869.L 8 Bulge symmetry or not? The hidden dynamics of the Far Side Lorant Sjouwerman / NRAO
ALMA JELLY 2021.1.01616.L 8 ALMA JELLY - Survey of Nearby Jellyfish and Ram Pressure Stripped Galaxies Pavel Jachym / Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

ISM, Star Formation, and Astrochemistry

ALMA-IMF 2017.1.01355.L 5 ALMA_IMF: ALMA transforms our view of the origin of stellar masses Frédérique Motte / CNRS
FAUST 2018.1.01205.L 6 Fifty AU Study of the chemistry in the disk/envelope system of Solar-like protostars (FAUST) Satoshi Yamamoto / Tokyo University
ALMAGAL 2019.1.00195.L 7 ALMAGAL: ALMA Evolutionary study of High Mass Protocluster Formation in the Galaxy Sergio Molinari / IAPS
ACES 2021.1.00172.L 8 ACES: The ALMA CMZ Exploration Survey Steven N Longmore / Liverpool John Moores University

Circumstellar Disks, Exoplanets, and the Solar System

DSHARP 2016.1.00484.L 4 Small-Scale Substructures in Protoplanetary Disks Sean Andrews / CfA Harvard link link
MAPS 2018.1.01055.L 6 The Chemistry of Planet Formation Karin Oberg / Harvard link link
eDisk 2019.1.00261.L 7 eDisk: Early Planet Formation in Embedded Disks Nagayoshi Ohashi / ASIAA
AGE-PRO 2021.1.00128.L 8 AGE-PRO: the ALMA survey of Gas Evolution in PROtoplanetary disks Ke Zhang / U. Wisconsin
exoALMA 2021.1.01123.L 8 exoALMA Richard Teague / Harvard

Stellar Evolution and the Sun

ATOMIUM 2018.1.00659.L 6 ATOMIUM: ALMA Tracing the Origins of Molecular In dUst-forming oxygen-rich M-type stars Leen Decin / K.U. Leuven