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Request raw data

If you are the PI or Data Delegee of an active ALMA project, you may request the release of any QA0 PASS or SEMI-PASS raw data before the full QA2-assured products are delivered.

The proprietary period for the entire MOUS will start after the raw data from the first Execution Block (EB) in the MOUS have been made available to the PI, even if the observations continue in next the cycle as a result of a carry-over (in the case of A-rank projects) or a resubmission. Helpdesk tickets requesting assistance with raw data will be given a lower priority than other submitted tickets although will still adhere to the standard operating procedures and service level agreements of the ALMA Helpdesk (i.e. PIs will still get a reply within 48 hours but may not have the issue Resolved in that time). The release of raw data to the PIs will have no implications for the QA2 process. QA2 data will continue to be delivered to all PIs, irrespective of whether they chose to download the raw data. The proprietary time on data that have been requested at QA0 will not be changed if the associated MOUS goes on to fail QA2 i.e. the proprietary time will still be 12 months from the time the QA0 data were made available.

All details can be found in the Users' Policies document.

To request the release of raw data, click here (you will be required to log in with your usual ALMA user credentials).