Science Highlights - Observing the Sun with ALMA: fast-scan single-dish mapping

ALMA has commenced science observations of the Sun starting in late 2016, taking advantage of the remarkable fast-scanning capabilities of the ALMA 12 m dishes to make single-dish maps of the full Sun.  

The left panel shows a 230 GHz (band 6) image of the Sun on 7 December 2016.  In order to emphasize structure on the disk, the 230 GHz image color display ranges from 5300 to 7400 K. Low-level contours are plotted at 300, 600, 1200, and 2400 K in order to show features above the limb. The right panel shows disk profiles through the Poles and on a diameter through the active region in the southwest quadrant, but with the blue curve offset by 800 K in order to show structure in both. 

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