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Proposal Template

A proposal template is a LaTeX file that can be used to prepare the scientific justification of an ALMA proposal. It is not mandatory to use LaTeX: other formats, such as Word, Pages, etc can also be used as long as they can be turned into a pdf file and use at least 12pt characters. The pdf format is required to attach the justification to the proposal prepared in the Observing Tool (OT).

Regardless of format, the justification has to adhere to the maximum total number of pages, which is 4 for Regular, DDT, ToO, Phased Array, and mm-VLBI proposals, and 6 for Large Program proposals, as these should contain additional sections on management and data products. Both page limits include figures, tables and references. For more information, please see the ALMA Proposers Guide.

For clarity, we provide two templates, corresponding to each of the page limits:

Download zip file containing the 4-page Template for Regular, DDT, ToO, Phased Array, or mm-VLBI proposals

Download zip file containing the 6-page Template for Large Program proposals only