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Cycle 5 Call for Proposals

The Cycle 5 Call for Proposals is closed. 1712 unique proposal IDs were assigned. According to the timeline in the table below, PIs of proposals can expect to hear results from the proposal review by the end of July. 

We would like to call your attention to the 7m Array Supplemental Cycle 4 Call issued on April 21. In addition, Cycle 4 DDT Proposals will be accepted through the end of Cycle 4.


Table 1: The ALMA Cycle 5 Timeline

21 March 2017 (15:00 UT) Release of Cycle 5 Call for Proposals, Observing Tool & supporting documents and Opening of the Archive for proposal submission
20 April 2017 (15:00 UT) Proposal submission deadline
End of July 2017 Announcement of the Outcome of the Proposal Review Process
August-September Submission of Phase 2 Scheduling Blocks by PIs
October 2017 Start of ALMA Cycle 5 Science Observations
September 2018 End of ALMA Cycle 5