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Known Issues

Known Issues affecting the Cycle 3 release of the ALMA Observing Tool

The following table lists those issues which are known to affect the Cycle-3 version of the Observing Tool. This will be updated to denote whether an issue has been fixed and whether this fix has made it into an updated release.

Issue Description Resolved? Deployed?
C1_001 Although it is indicated that copy and paste operations in a Mac use the "command" key, often the "control" key is required, particularly for text copy/paste.

C1_023 Calibration searches may crash due to problems with the database. Reducing the number of results may avoid the problem.

C1_032 Leaving the OT open for days at a time can cause an error upon saving. Saving to another file, closing the OT and re-opening produces a "ZLIB input stream" error i.e. the project is unreadable. This issue is yet to be satisfactorily characterised.

C2_009 Placing spectral windows that are exactly as far apart as they can possibly be can cause an error, the text of which is also misleading.

C3_001 The time shown on the Cover Sheet for "Multiple visit" Science Goals is too high Yes Update 1
C3_002 Copy and paste of a Science Goal followed by an edit of the spectral setup can cause the source line width to change. Yes Update 1
C3_003 The time estimate in brackets is not always that due to the sensitivity, but also includes certain minima. Yes Update 1
C3_004 Time overrides when two 12-m configurations are required cannot be requested. Yes

Update 1


It is possible to define multiple clusters of pointings using the custom mosaic option.

Yes Update 1

The polarization non-standard time on the cover sheet is too long.

Yes Update 1

Changing between Doppler types doesn't always work properly.

Yes Update 1

Time overrides are using the sensitivity-based time for ACA times


Long (but legal) TJ texts can cause formatting problems

Yes Update 2

Moving to a new Science Goal deselects ACA in the original Science Goal

Yes Update 1

Use of the spatial visualizer with many sources can cause the OT to become slow and unresponsive


Proposal title on proposal node can become that of an open template


There is a typo (user-defined *configuration*) in the validation warning for user-defined calibration non-standard modes


Errors relating to the kinds of field definitions that can be used e.g. "When TP is scheduled, non-mosaic targets must only have a single pointing". Redefining the field setup should fix the problem.


After copy and pasting a Science Goal and changing the frequency, requested sensitivities in K will give the wrong time estimate.


Importing sources as rectangular fields and deleting all but one will still show the rectangular field editor after selecting 'individual pointings'