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First Release of the ALMA Science Pipeline

Oct 20, 2014

The ALMA Science Pipeline is now available for download and installation from the ALMA Science Portal. The Pipeline is released as part of a special version of CASA-4.2.2, supported for Red Hat Linux and Mac OSX 10.8.

The Pipeline will initially be used for the calibration and calibrator imaging of the majority of ALMA 7-m and 12-m interferometry datasets during the ALMA Quality Assurance process. In the future, the Pipeline will also perform science target imaging, single-dish processing and combination of data from multiple ALMA arrays. If the Pipeline has been used in the ALMA Quality Assurance process for a delivery, then this will be clearly marked in the delivery package README file. In those cases, if the user would like to produce calibrated visibility data from ALMA deliveries, e.g. before re-imaging, the version of CASA-4.2.2 containing the Pipeline must be installed.

At this point in time, the Pipeline is meant to be run on only on those datasets for which the ALMA Quality Assurance process employed the Pipeline. The Pipeline is not yet commissioned for use on all interferometry datasets.

The documentation currently available for using the Pipeline is the ALMA Science Pipeline Quickstart Guide, the ALMA Science Pipeline Reference Manual and the ALMA QA2 Data Products for Cycle 2. Questions about Pipeline installation and use should be addressed to the ALMA Helpdesk.