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Pipeline Version Tracker

Operations Pipeline Used to Calibrate Data at the JAO.

This Table lists the CASA version the user will see in the weblog.

CASA Version for Operations PipelineOperations Pipeline
Reason for Version ChangeDate of Pipeline
Installations Upgrades
CASA Version to
use to restore Calibrated MS
4.2.2 r30986 r31351 Improved edge channel flagging, a fix to ms restore when BP and Phase calibrator are the same Nov 21 2014 most recent
4.2.2 r30986 r31667 Reduce flagging of 7m ACA datasets Nov 28 2014 most recent
4.3.1 r32491 r34044 Heuristics for low signal-to-noise ratio on calibrators, newer CASA version Aug 13 2015 most recent
4.5.1 r35996 r35932 Newer CASA version, calibration of Cycle 3 data Feb 2016 most recent
4.5.2 r36115 r36252 Handles change to Cycle 3 data, ephemeris object issue Mar 2016 most recent


User Pipeline Used to Restore Calibrated MS Data Packages

(i.e., by the user or by ARC staff before manual imaging).

CASA Version for User PipelineUser Pipeline
Reason for Version ChangeDateFile Released on
4.2.2 r30986 r31090 (Pipeline-Cycle2-R1-B) first release Oct 1 2014 casapy-42.2.30986-pipe-1-64b.tar.gz
4.3.1 r32491 r34044 (Pipeline-Cycle3-R1-B) second release Aug 13 2015 casa-release-4.3.1-pipe-1-el5.tar.gz or casa-release-4.3.1-pipe-1-el6.tar.gz
4.5.1 r35996 r35932 (Pipeline-Cycle3-R4-B) third release Feb 2016 casa-release-4.5.1-el5.tar.gz or casa-release-4.5.1-el6.tar.gz
4.5.2 r36115 r36091 (Pipeline-Cycle3-R4-B) Handles change to Cycle 3 data Mar 2016 casa-release-4.5.2-el5.tar.gz or casa-release-4.5.2-el6.tar.gz

The dates in this table should not be used to determine which Pipeline CASA version was used for the restoring and imaging of data in Operations. Please consult the README file in the data delivery to determine which Pipeline CASA version was used.